Netent and Evolution Gaming: The Battle For Top Spot

Both Netent and Evolution Gaming have been churning out top online casino games over the years. They continue to occupy top spot in most casinos, as is evident at topnetentcasinos . Both are way ahead of their competitors but are now competing against each other. Which between Netent and Evolution gaming should take the top spot? The User Interface Front You are not likely to encounter any issue playing games from both Netent and Evolution Gaming. Visit to give it a try. Both casino software providers provide an easy to use interface where you access all the options of the game, thus, offering a seamless gaming experience with lots of entertainment for players. However, Netent seems to have a slight advantage over its closes rival, Evolution Gaming. It offers players more intricate features which include game history and in-game statistics, something that Evolution Gaming will have to catch up with. Netent, therefore, offers players the ability to make a better call during gameplay than Evolution Gaming. Both have user-friendly interfaces Netent has a slight edge over Evolution Gaming Netent offers a better call for its players. The In-Game Betting features Platform Both Netent and Evolution Gaming provide players with all the conventional gaming features you can find in casinos. Features such as side bets, split or double down, are available and players can use them to their advantage. These features add flair to the game and boost its entertainment value while enhancing player odds. Nevertheless, Evolution Gaming emerges as the winner on this front. Players on Evolution Gaming don't have to wait for each other to place their bets since they can do so at the same time, thanks to its Pre-Decision feature. Netent does not have such a feature, so players have to wait for their turn to place bets. What about Game Selection? Although both have numerous titles to their credit, Evolution Gaming seems to have forged further ahead of Netent. In fact, no other gaming company comes close to Evolution Gaming when it comes to game selection. It boasts of countless classic tables and all variants of blackjack, thus, offering a wider selection to its players. Partnering with Reputable Casinos Both casino software providers partner with reputable online casinos to avail a smooth gaming experience for its clients. Reputable casinos have proper licensing and well-defined areas of jurisdiction. Partnering with reputable casinos boosts its ranking among the top gaming software providers. Therefore, both Netent and Evolution Gaming excel in this department on equal terms. Both partner with reputable casinos Reputable casinos have proper licensing. Netent's Common-Draw Feature This unique feature from Netent enables players to use different currencies to place bets even when playing against each other while they are from different countries. it is a great feature bringing together players from different corners of the world. However, it does little to thrust Netent ahead of Evolution Gaming when it comes to game selection. Netent vs Evolution Gaming: Who Wins? Between Netent and Evolution Gaming, you may be lost for choice. Each stands in its own right, with its strong points and weaknesses. Your choice may boil down to your individual fancies. Nevertheless, remember to play casino games from reputable casinos and be sure to play responsibly. The choice is yours - which would you go for?